American Aboriginal Woman Body Care products was founded for two reasons. One,to help ease the amnesiac condition of the indigenous who have been taught to forget who they are in the Americas. Two, as a means of addressing the skin care needs of a people whose original landscape was that of a massive forest that supplied them with positive Earth charges, clean air, and high moisture.


Below are some definitions and where they can be found to provide clarity. 


1828 Webster Dictionary


AMER'ICAN, noun A native of America; originally applied to the aboriginals, or copper-colored races, found here by the Europeans; but now applied to the descendants of Europeans born in America.


Oxford Dictionary 1987 Edition


AMERICAN INDIAN - Originally applied to the copper colored Negroid races of people found in America. The current definition (second definition).

 A native of America of European descent, esp. a citizen of the United States. Now simply, a native or inhabitant of North or South America (often with qualifying word, as Latin American, North American), a citizen of the United States. 


Our people have been educated to not think of themselves when they hear the terms indigenous and aboriginal. Instead they think of foreigners  like Lou Diamond Phillips and The Crying Indian from the 70s which was and is a great injustice against an entire group of people. Books from the 16th and 17th centuries written by Europeans were very concise with their descriptions and artist renderings of a copper colored Negroid people occupying here from the Arctic down to the tip of South America.


So the question that is raised often by the youth is, how could this be possible when the people identified as the indigenous today are of European and Mongoloid stock (phenotype)? There are many explanations as to how this switching of identities occurred but the simplest would be the reclassification on paper of the true inheritors of this land. All done to create a legal void to control the land and it's people. 


This horrendous displacement made it easy to extinct an entire continent of people on paper by changing their identity from Indians to Coloreds, Blacks, Afro-Americans, and now African-Americans.  None of the reclassified identities connect us to any landmass, legally people with no nationality or homeland is a dead people the whole point in the reclassification. 


As long as the indigenous worldwide are prevented from existing on their terms this planet will never know harmony, peace, and balance. What parent want their children to exist in strife, pain, discord, lack, horror, and violence? No loving parent want their offspring to exist in a world under those conditions. So the only logical response is to ensure the indigenous are in their proper identity and mind as conduits for Momma Earth's energy or suffer the consequences. 


Now to skin care.


Due to the fact the majority of our population reside within cities we find our skin care needs are not being met naturally from the environment we live so we have to rely on products. The handcrafted soaps, lotions, body butters, and hair oils are produced to be hyper moisturizing to help the body skin retain moisture something most affordable body care products are not formulated to do.


As the Aboriginal body ages often times the facial skin goes from excessive oiliness to dry wrinkly from not consuming the correct amount of water daily as well as regular use of some commercial soaps. American Aboriginal Woman Body Care is working to help prevent and or correct skin damage caused by not living in close proximity to towering forests of healthy trees.


Reuniting with Nature's Balance..

19th c. Fine Pair-Large Native American

Indian  Sculptures by Jean Jules Salmson 

evidence that shows our identity was


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